Mixed-Media / Collage Artwork

Benjamin J. Henry 3RD

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Artist Statement

Space is the place, my worldly views from all levels shape the reality I live in. I strive to capture that dichotomy in what I create. Finding balance between mixed mediums is where I find my style. I like to mix various sketched objects, magazine clippings, watercolors, and acrylic paints in order to create depth though layers. There's no assigned theme at times or specific order to my creative process. My artwork simply absorbs the world around me. This creative window is a glimpse into how I vision life and the universe.

At times my collage work is based on a centered topic of interest blanketed between several layers or more of paper and paper. What I create sometimes titters between being a collage or mixed media. Every individual item and layer is taken into consideration. I pay attention to the contrasting colors whether it be paper or paint. I am also very meticulous about the form, flow, and function of each layered object being arranged.

I find that scanning what I create at a high DPI has the ability to create a surreal world of it's own. That type of surrealism has visual diversity and duality. At a micro or macro level my style can be displayed at any level. Having the visual diversity of pleasing people any age and cultural. I strive to continually push what I know creatively, because I want to impact, invoke, question, and inspire others viewing my work.

Benjamin J. Henry 3RD

E-Mail: benhenry3rd@gmail.com

Instagram: BH3RD

Selected Shows:

September 2016

c3 Lab's - DADA Art Show
Charlotte, NC

February 2017

DMFN's - CLTURE Party + Art Show
Charlotte, NC